I always cringe when I am tempted to blog about blogging. It seems like a waste of words so I'll be brief.

My blog tagline has always been 'odds and sods, mostly sods' as it pretty much describes what ends up there. I write much more than I publish and a lot of what I have published is code or development related and as I review it, it's pretty out of date.

I've been looking for a while to find both the inspiration to blog and an easier route to publishing, particularly when it comes to code snippets and images.

I had a look at jekyll and ghost and decided I like the editing experience and look of ghost best...so viola, I'm using ghost now.

What to take?

I've migrated over most of the posts but didn't bother much with the comments or tags.

I fear the permalinks are broken and have no simple fix. If any Ghost users out there can recommend one, then please let me know